Terms and Conditions

  • Our company is only for educational purpose and it’s purely a training solution. All our courses will be done through online video conference portal.
  • Company will not provide any personal investment advices. If any student not able to attend the session let us know 4 hrs prior itself. If anyone missed the sessions they are allowed only to attend the missed sessions within the next batch.
  • Fee which you have made for the course to the company is not refundable.
  • Students reviews and feedback in text and videos can be used for company’s advertisement purpose. If anyone of the community leaks the internal information to a third party will be terminated.

       Rules – The trader of the community should follow

  • Trader should have the trade setup before taking any trade.
  • Always there should be a valid reason for either entry or exit.
  • Each and every entries should be documented and send it to the allocated financial trainer.
  • After the every session students should practice the strategies in the next market day.

  Company have the rights to change the fee structure from time to time.

  Company have rights to cancel the membership temporary for who don’t follow the rules strictly.