About Us

Who we are

We are a group of  individual who finished a degree in Pondicherry University  and   worked   as professional for few months. Then realised working for someone can’t give you an identity so decided to be the own boss for ourselves. Then we started a career into a financial of stock market. The journey we started with profitable entries along which we learnt. There were many ups and downs. The struggles  which we seen was not imaginable. But it was nothing in front of achievements and making each and every day profitable

What we do

 We bucksbell a stock market analysis firm with some special ideas. Which let you to be the success in life. We are trying to bring the energy and success in the market through trading with proper knowledge and then we are just a platform to educate the people with innovative ideas and technical knowledge to become a professional trader. Our programmes which have been designed for the people who have zero knowledge in stock market trading. We have a team with experienced financial trainers who are well strong in fundamental and technical analysis in stock market with many strategies. So that the people can learn easily and earn for themselves with a short period of time. We have an online trading program which are accessible from anywhere in the world to make your way more convenient. We believe knowledge is power so we are looking forward to helping you with our proper education and make you a secure financial future. We guide you and we build you.