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Mentorship Support

Our financial trainer will be there to solve your queries and give an advice about your ideas to make your way simple and easy to understand.


You can easily access our online training from anywhere in the world through the video conference portal.

After into the community

We have separate group for active traders with innovative ideas and people who are achieving their goals by stock trading. You will be placed in that.


Detailed structure of our courses

Pearl Membership

It is recommended for equity traders

Key points

  • Introduction to equity markets
  • How to build your own watchlist
  • Major terms in stock market
  • Knowledge about Indices (Nifty/Sensex)
  • Trading psychology


  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Market conditions
  • Support and resistance
  • Types of orders
  • Effective technical indicators

Ruby Membership

It includes pearl membership with all types of trading segments ( Equity, Derivatives and Commodities)

Key points

  • Market depth
  • Trend levels
  • Trading setups
  • Options trading
  • Mastering Price action
  • Long-term investments analysis


  • Introduction to F&O and MCX
  • In depth fundamental analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Supply and demand zones
  • Fibonacci Level values
  • Trend reversal
  • Volume analysis
  • Channels and patterns
  • Pullbacks and breakouts

Emerald Membership

The sessions will be conducted by One on One mentorship         

Extra Benefits   

  • It includes the entire ruby membership with specified financial trainer to assist you.
  • The session will be you at your preferable time from (10AM – 10PM)
  • You will get a lifetime support
  • Live market sessions

Full Time Trading Course

About this membership   

Anyone can choose this membership as their career in stock trading

  • You will be trained from scratch, who even have zero knowledge
  • FTTC will be a roadmap to become a professional trader
  • You will get a lifetime support
  • Only limited slots in one batch 

Detailed structure of FTTC

  • It includes the entire Ruby membership with practical sessions
  • Usage of trading platform
  • What is MWPL?
  • Sentimental analysis
  • Handling Options
  • Weekly expiry techniques on options
  • Option chain analysis
  • Hedging strategy
  • Multi time frame analysis
  • Chart pattern strategies
  • Research analysis
  • Risk and money management
  • Post market analysis

Rules of FTTC

  • “It’s not a get rich quick scheme” It depends upon how you practice everyday
  • You have to trade every market day
  • Daily market research analysis should be done
  • Every entries should be documented and send to the allocated financial trainer
  • You should attend the post market session everyday

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